Why do I have this page?

I am an avid listener of the TWIT shows often hosted by Leo Laporte (The tech guy). On his shows he often discusses the use of social media, how it affects us and if we should delete our accounts.

The question is: should you hide your self from the internet, not feeing the marketing machines that is facebook and google? or should you instead embrace these channels and social media to build your own identity (before someone else does in an image you don’t approve of)?

The problem with social media is that you don’t control your data. When you upload it to the platform they own it, and they control it.

What Leo says is that you should own your own website and your own domain, and on this website you should build the image you want other to see when searching your name on the internet. A website that you own and that you control.

So this is why I have this website now. I want this to be my personal profile on the internet, building it bit by bit

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